About Us

Tell Often. Tell Artfully. Tell True.

We are a lifestyle steeped in community.  We honor individuals and their experiences through the narrative.  We document the “Now” for posterity’s sake.  Through workshops, performances and exhibits, we grow supporters of the ancient art of the oral tradition.

Roots and Reasons Backyard Storytelling

Gathering together to make sense of our lives and the world through storytelling, workshops and performances.

Kona Bear

The Cheerful Receptionist

Kona loudly announces all visitors including four-legged furry creatures that are simply passing through. She does not handle your mail but lets us know when it has arrived.  Kona will be the first to greet you and the last to send you off – with much love and excitement.

Siara Taomi (Petit Bebe)

The Gifted Side Kick

Siara is also called Jack as in all trades. She’s our go to for almost everything: production, editing, transcription, operations, dishes, etc. That look on her face, get use to it. We’ve asked her to do so much, the expression is pretty much stuck!

Shefa N Benoit (The Red Bone Gypsy)

The Mastermind

Shefa has always loved talking about (and listening to) anything related to living a meaningful life, inspiring and empowering others, building bridges and making connections. Shefa uses the power of story to promote a way of life that is reverent, inclusive and regenerative.