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It’s Giving Tuesday!

Our current project, Spoken Treasures: Narratives from the Flea Market at Eastern Market, has us busy getting to know the diverse and talented folks who make the Flea Market at Eastern Market the extraordinary event that it has been for over 30 years.

What’s the behind the scene story of those who open shop every weekend?  Which one of your favorite vendors was smuggled out of her country by horseback for 10 days with 2 small children?  Who owns the looms in Turkey so you can choose from the finest linens in the area?  These and so many more fascinating stories behind the faces at the flea market are being collected and shared with YOU!  Subscribe to get notification of new stories as they air.

But while you’re here, why not support the community building work of storytelling by donating to Roots and Reasons Productions where we use personal narratives as tools for compassion and transformation.

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Happy Holidays!

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