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Spoken Treasures

Narratives from the Flea Market at Eastern Market

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Once voted the 2nd best market in the world in a Huffington Post poll, the Flea Market at Eastern Market is a storied meeting place, full of communal and historical significance not to be forgotten in this transient, international city of Washington, DC.

Urban flea markets are frequently credited with the revitalization of under-utilized & vacant spaces. The increased foot-traffic of a diverse population of locals, residents & visitors attracts investors (commercial & residential) to the positive social & economic growth started by such markets. Yet this growth has a double edge. As the neighborhood’s vitality holistically increases, space & opportunity for the flea market becomes challenged. Such is the case with the Flea Market at Eastern Market. There’s been a number of successes & setbacks and, to date, the market still exists, albeit modified. RRS sets out to collect the narratives of the people who are the market. Only they can share the story of what was, what is, what is feared and what is hoped for.

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