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Almost Heaven!


We’re taking those country roads to our new home in West Virginia!  Stay tuned for wild and wonderful new projects, programs and stories.

Our Mission:


Tell Often. Tell Artfully. Tell True.

Using everyday folkways and narratives as tools for compassion and transformation.

Flea Market Magic

Meet the people who make it happen.

Begin Again . . .

It’s never too late to dream a different tomorrow.

Let storywork provide a uniquely meaningful way to seek clarity of direction and purpose.

A Storied Feast

Treasured Recipes Around a Telling Table

Behold! The Power of Stories!

At its best, storytelling enlightens and transforms people on emotional, moral, intellectual and creative levels. Whether to pass on history, impart values, share different perspectives or teach valuable lessons; whether to build bridges, improve the bottom-line or create new worlds, story remains central.  For stories to work, people need to listen.  People listen when they are part of the storyline.  Collecting, crafting, celebrating and preserving unscripted and uncensored narratives is our calling.

Using Everyday Folkways and Narratives as Tools for Compassion and Transformation


If a picture paints a thousand words, a story paints a thousand pictures.

Terrence L. Gargiulo

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