Using Storytelling as a tool for compassion and transformation.



Guided Autobiography
Enrich your life!

Writing and sharing life stories with others is an ideal way to find new meaning in life and to put life events into perspective. Through the use of themes and priming questions, memories of events are evoked allowing participants to abandon the distraction of sentence structure and editing in order to focus on capturing the essence of their life experience. This workshop uses Dr. James Birren’s Guided Autobiography (GAB) techniques which have been researched and developed over the past 40 years as a method for helping people document their life stories.

StoryGathering Workshops
Behold the power of story!

At its best, storytelling enlightens and transforms people on emotional, moral, intellectual and creative levels. Whether to pass on history, impart values, share different perspectives or teach valuable lessons; whether to build bridges, improve the bottom-line or create new worlds, story remains central.  For stories to work, people need to listen.  People listen when they are part of the storyline. Stories play an important role in healing, history and information gathering. Learn how to collect, craft, celebrate and preserve personal, community and organizational stories.

Impact Evaluation
Take your vision of change to a new level!

Learn how participatory storytelling can improve understanding, increase participation and deepen the impact of your work. Whether it is strategic planning, community engagement, public awareness or strengthening community connections and participation, engaged storytelling brings powerful, effective and lasting results by documenting and examining issues from a grassroots perspective, thus democratizing knowledge and building inclusiveness. If you really want to know what you are providing, how you can improve and even where you’re missing the mark, strategic storygathering can provide the answers.


Special Projects

As social activists and media artists, we occasionally embark on independent projects of special interest to us. Enter our e-Gallery to view just a few .


Take the Challenge

Use these photos as memory prompts. Begin preserving that memory today - either through writing or audio recording. Don’t fret about grammar or sentence structure. Focus on depth and detail and its meaning to you then and what message it has for you now.


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